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Caretta Carette

For this Caretta Caretta turtle, found on North Cyprus' northern Karpas coast , to prosper it requires ideal and exacting conditions. 

Here at Onur Tourism and Travel Agency we apply equally stringent terms to quality of the services we offer, helping you to create the perfect environment for a fruitful and successful journey and stay in North Cyprus.

Onur Tourism and Travel Agency was established in 1969 in Famagusta , North Cyprus as part of the Onur Tourism, Trade and Industry Ltd. 

We offer ticketing, group tours, charter flights, ferry tickets to and from North Cyprus, as well as trekking, environment and camping tours to North Cyprus. So, the next time you are planning your holiday to Cyprus, make us your first port of call

Director : Mr. Hulūsi Onur

Central Office :
2, Altun Tabya Street,
Old Town,
North Cyprus
Attn: Miss. Eldem Onur &
         Mrs. Emine Elidemir 

 Tel: + 90 392- 366 5314 /366 5877
Fax: + 90 392- 366 1705
Nicosia branch
2, Ali Pehlivan Is Hani,
North Cyprus

Attn: Mr. Mustafa Salman
Tel: + 90 392- 227 6898 /223 1704


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